Harriet Hageman has run a fierce anti-Cheney campaign in the race for Congress. After Liz Cheney turned her back on President Trump, Wyoming voters were determined to get her out of office. Hageman was quick to promote her anti-Cheney perspective but slow to share info on who she is and what she has done in her own political career.

Upon beginning her campaign against Cheney, Hageman failed to mention that she had once been very close with the incumbent Congresswoman. The two were reportedly once so close that Hageman served as an adviser to Cheney’s 2014 Senate campaign. This relationship continued into Cheney’s 2016 congressional bid when the two of them worked together to prevent President Trump from securing the Republican nomination for President.

Despite this clear proximity to Liz Cheney, Harriet now claims she fully supports President Trump and despises her current opponent. None of this is surprising. When Cheney’s stock sank and Trump’s went up, Hageman latched onto the bandwagon. Whether it’s Liz Cheney in 2014 or Trump in 2022, when opportunity knocks on Hageman’s door, she answers.

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