Harriet Hageman has somehow managed to garner the support of President Trump, while spilling lies about him at the Republican National Convention.

It is curious how this connection came to be when Hageman has previously attacked President Trump as “the weakest candidate” and condemned him as “somebody who is racist and xenophobic.”

She even orchestrated an attempt to prevent him from becoming the Republican candidate at the Republican National Convention alongside Liz Cheney in 2016. They worked together to manipulate a procedural measure to deny Trump the presidential nomination.

Hageman now claims that she fell ‘victim’ to the efforts of Liz Cheney, but what happens if she is elected and faced with the pressures of the swamp, will she fall victim again? This is not the type of leadership we can tolerate. Wyoming needs a leader who understands Trump’s vision for America and is prepared to stand up to Biden and all his cronies.

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