In Wyoming, we stand up for our traditions and beliefs, especially when the government oversteps. There are only two true conservatives willing to do that in the primary this August – Anthony Bouchard or Denton Knapp.

While Harriet Hageman claims that she represents the people of Wyoming and that she will stand up to the assault from Washington, D.C. and career politicians, she is out befriending RINO’s like Liz Cheney. On top of that she plotted to stop Donald Trump from being nominated as our candidate. And she claimed that President Trump would repel voters and destroy the Republican party all while using President Trump to win her own election.

But we’re not going to fall for it.

We are calling on YOU to stand up against Hageman’s dishonesty and attempts to fool Wyomingites with her empty promises. Wyoming needs you now, more than ever, to spread the message of support for real conservative candidates like Anthony Bouchard and Denton Knapp.